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发送你的简历至: hr@diningcity.asia


Phone: 021-3107 6108
Email: hr@diningcity.asia
Address: 上海市徐汇区广元路135号, 200030,
No.135, Guangyuan Lu, Xuhui District, 200030



DiningCity作为国际领先的在线餐厅指南,在全球有超过25,000家的精选会员餐厅。DiningCity在荷兰,其他欧洲城市,北美,中东与亚洲陆续发布后,在2010年DiningCity(鼎食聚)中国正式启动。DiningCity鼎食聚即DiningCity中国现拥有超过350家的顶级会员餐厅。目前,由DiningCity(鼎食聚)中国举办的餐厅周有:上海餐厅周,北京餐厅周,广州餐厅周,深圳餐厅周以及香港餐厅周。想要了解详情,请查看DiningCity(鼎食聚)中国官方网站:www.diningcity.cn, www.restaurantweek.cn, www.restaurantweek.hk, www.diningcitydeals.com

iOS software engineer intern iOS软件工程师(实习)


    At DiningCity, we build software that users all across China and the world use to make reservations. Whether through our apps or partner programs, we strive to create products that have big impact.



    We are looking for a iOS software engineering intern to be part of our journey and help us tackle ambitious challenges.



    岗位职责 Responsibilities:

    - Work with our iOS full time developer to ship new features;

    - 为APP开发新功能;

    - Learn new frameworks to improve our app’s code base and performance;

    - 不断学习新的东西,优化代码;

    - Apply your academic knowledge to real user facing problems that will have a visible impact on DiningCity’s products;

    - 将丰富的学识和经验用于解决用户真正面临的问题,使产品更加完善;

    - Build reusable code and libraries for future use;

    - 写出具有可读性、可重用性、可测试性的高质量代码;

    - Work with Product to ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

    - 与产品一起工作研究ui/用户体验设计的技术可行性;

    岗位要求 Requirements:

    - You are a detail oriented, self-motivated, strong learner who is eager to broaden his portfolio or real world applications / projects;

    - 希望您是一个注重细节、自我激励、学习能力强、渴望拓宽眼界和项目经验的人;

    - You are a bachelor degree in computer science, electrical engineering or similar majors school student or fresh graduate looking for a first - experience in building features;

    - 计算机、电子信息技术或相关专业本科;在校学生或刚毕业的大学生,正在寻找实习机会;

    - Proficient in using Storyboards, Swift;

    - 熟练使用storyboard、swift 语言;

    - Master iOS UI drawing, data processing, TCP/IP protocol and so on;

    - 掌握iOS中界面绘制、数据处理、TCP/IP协议等;

    - Be familiar with git operations and Git code management tools;

    - 熟悉git操作及Git代码管理工具;

    - Independent working ability, good logic analysis;

    - 独立工作能力强,有良好的逻辑分析;